Designs by Marguccio

Welcome Idrija Lace


     Established in 2003, Designs by Marguccio is owned by Tom and Allie Marguccio. Tom has 35 years in cabinetmaking and woodturning and Allie, a retired school librarian, has been making bobbin lace since 2000. Allie received a grant from the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts in 2008 to study traditional Idrija bobbin lacemaking. She studied under the tutelage of Stana Frelih – Master Teacher for the Idrija Lace School in Idrija, Slovenia. Since then she has been teaching Idrija lace workshops to various lace groups throughout the United States.

     Since 2013, Tom has established himself nationally as a woodturner of lace bobbins. He is also a vendor at various lace workshops and conventions. He sells a variety of custom hand turned lace bobbins as well as thread, bolster pillows, and other supplies used to make bobbin lace.

     Allie and Tom are members of the Five Rivers Bobbin Lacemakers of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Allie is also a member of the Finger Lakes Lace Guild (Ithaca, NY), IOLI (International Organization of Lace, Inc.)  and OIDFA (European Lace Organization).