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Alexandria (Allie) Zupan Marguccio

 Personal Biography: The great-granddaughter of a Slovene bobbin lacemaker, Allie’s passion is evidenced by her continued study and research of the lace of her heritage.  Idrija lace has long been a favorite and treasured gift when sent by her Slovene relatives.  With the help of her European cousins, she obtained the traditional materials used to make Idrija Lace so that she can carry on the tradition in the USA.  She has traveled to Slovenia numerous times to tour the lacemaking centers of Idrija, Železniki and Cerkno. She studied under the tutelage of Metka Fortuna, director of the Idrija School of Lace and Stana Frelih, Master Teacher.

 In addition to private lessons at her home, Allie has taught beginning bobbin lace at the Bottle Works Ethnic Arts Center, a community outreach program created for the appreciation of the ethnic arts, the community outreach program at United Elementary School where she was employed as a school librarian and at the New Florence Community Library. Along with teaching workshops to individual lace groups in the USA, she has also taught Idrija lace at various lace events such as Ithaca Lace Days (Ithaca, NY), the Winter Lace Conference (Costa Mesa, California) and North Carolina Regional Lace Guild’s Spring Lace Day (Chapel Hill, NC) and was also a keynote speaker for these events. She has taught classes at IOLI (International Organization of Lace, Inc.) Conventions in St. Paul, Minnesota, Salt Lake City, Utah, Sacramento, CA and Coralville, IA.

She is a member of the Five Rivers Bobbin Lacemakers of Western Pennsylvania, Finger Lakes Lace Guild (NY), IOLI and OIDFA.

Allie’s lacework and Pennsylvania Council on the Arts grant study project along with travel pictures were showcased at exhibits in May and June of 2009 at the Bottle Works Ethnic Arts Center as part of a Slovenian Cultural Heritage Celebration and more recently in June 2013 as part of an Exhibit of Ethnic Arts.  She was named a 2010 Bottle Artist for the annual Bottle Works Ethnic Arts Center fundraiser.

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Stana gives a demonstration on how to make a slip knot – used often in Idrija lace to connect threads.

Slovenian Lace Teacher Stana Frelih demonstrating how to make talliesorleaves on a bolster pillow.
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